Please Could You?

Would you hug me and tell me it’s all okay? Will you pick me up time and time again? I will fall. Could your hands collect mine and guide me towards the ever wondering path of my life? Would you? Please could you? Your strength wisdom and love all say yes. Would you kiss me … Continue reading


Chances are that two years down the road none of this will matter anymore. But I cling to the hope that I’m stuck on you like glue, that you are stuck on me too. I no longer want to tear my tear stained pages out of my biography erasing memories only to hope that they … Continue reading

Lenses you see me through

Vulnerable I stand by you allowing myself to hold your hand tightly, I remind myself life is too short  to not love like there is no tomorrow. Your deep ocean blue eyes are attentive and I realize you are different the moment you ask me what I’m thinking. You look at me searching for answers … Continue reading